Station Hostel for Backpackers (Cologne, Germany)

We stayed here in September, found it to be a FANTASTIC hostel. The hostel provided free internet on computers out in the lobby/common room. Beds were all single beds, not bunk beds, a nice change of pace. Most of the rooms (during our stay we stayed in three different rooms) were nice and spacious, some had couches, tables, and so forth. Breakfast was available all day (not free, but reasonably priced). The rooms and all common areas felt clean, and appeared to be cleaned regularly.

However, the showers/toilets smelled a bit (we ended up using the bigger bathroom in the middle of the floor, a bit more privacy, and it didn’t smell). The hostel really is next to the train station, so there’s a fair bit of noise – if you are a light sleeper, bring earplugs. The luggage storage is down a flight, the rooms are up at least two flights, and the kitchen is up two flights, over a floor and down a different flight of stairs. You’ll get fit… Anyway, the high and the low of it is that we enjoyed this place. The single beds were great.

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