Business Hotel Hakata Seagull (Fukuoka, Japan)

This was the cheapest hotel we could find in Fukuoka, and believe me, we looked.

Rooms were spacious and clean – we stayed in two different twins whilst here. The first one was larger, with a small couch. The second was a little smaller, but without the couch it was actually more spacious. Both had tv’s, aircon and private bathrooms (small tub/shower and toilet). On the fourth floor there is a large (traditional) bathroom that you can lock, so you can have a shower in a larger room. Free wireless internet.

The checkin staff didn’t speak much English, but was more than willing to help us, and made checkin very smooth. Also helped us book another room. Attached to the hotel is a great Korean/Filipino restaurant with a Pirate theme – fantastic food, and the guy there spoke great English (we managed to get vegetarian food, a reasonably hard feat in Japan).

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