Happy Valentines Day from Crazy Bangkok…

Asia ~ Thailand ~ Bangkok

Well, my ‘Asia-trip’ is over once again…  I’m now relaxing in front of my own computer, in my own bedroom… ahh, and my own bed – nice!  But first – Bangkok…

Arrival in Bangkok was crazy – our flight was supposed to get us into Bangkok in time for Matt’s flight to Hong Kong – you don’t need to know anymore – we arrived at the Krabi airport to find that our flight had been delayed – and it continued to be delayed.  Finally, Matt bought a different ticket for an earlier flight, and off he sped, arriving just in time for his connecting flight.  Mum and I had to wait around for the original flight and eventually got to Bangkok (and I grabbed a quick snooze on the plane, much to mum’s disgust)…

We spent our first two nights in a hotel ‘just near’ Khao San Road.  Turns out it was only 5minutes away, as the crow flies, but as the average Aussie attempts to cross the 7 lane intersection without getting killed, it was a hell of a lot further away.  And yet, we made it across to Khao San to do some shopping, as well as knock back some Mai Tai’s (a necessity to boost our courage before attempting the walk back…).  Khao San is as crazy as ever, with vendors selling everything from pad thai to deep fried cockroaches, bikini’s to fishermen pants.  And backpackers just everywhere…

Khao San Road

Khao San Road

On one of our days, mum and I visited the snake farm in downtown Bangkok – an interesting and slightly terrifying experience.  It is the second oldest snake farm in the world, and is a leader in Thailand for snake anti-venom.   We heard a talk (with slideshow), and then they bought out some of their deadly friends.  The presenter was a crack up, telling us in an extremely dramatic voice about just how fast this particular snake can kill… After explaining that Australia has some of the worlds most dangerous animals – snakes, spiders, jellyfish, sharks etc etc, he asked if anyone was from Australia. Mum and I looked at each other and decided not to answer till we knew what it was all about. Another guy put up his hand. “What do you think is Australia’s most deadliest animal?” asked the guide. “The brown snake?” replied the Aussie guy. “No”, said the guide in a very serious tone. “The Australian woman…”

Me with a python

Me with a python

After mum took off, I spent my last few days at a hostel on Khao San Road. Spent my days swimming and shopping, and my evenings in bars. Met a group of people starting out their travels in Bangkok and saw a couple of movies with them – only $4 for a movie here (although you do have to stand for the Kings anthem).

And now I’m back home. Survived my flight home and am just getting ready to start uni. Ugh. Already planning the next travels – back to China area somewhere or another…

Take Care All,
xoxo bobbi

Khao San Road

Asia ~ Thailand ~ Bankok

Hey guys, how is everyone? All is well with me… I’ve been in Thailand for two days now, and it is AWESOME!!! We have spent two and a half days shopping, and my feet are so incredibly sore its now funny. Stirling silver rings for 100 Baht – thats about $3, I’ve already got one package ready to send home… Flight over here was long, didn’t realise how long because of the time difference between Thailand and Aussie. Movies were alright, I finally got to see Shark Tale, yey! Food was great, they gave us tim tams, which kept us all amused. The language barrier isn’t too bad, everyone is always ready to help out. I’m learning… slowly. That is, until I head off to India in 2 and a half weeks, when it all changes again… Food is awesome, I’ve had red thai curry for breakfast lunch and dinner for the past two days, yum yum. having an interesting time finding food for my cousin, who’s vegetarian. Almost everything is labeled as ‘Vegetables… with shrimp/chicken/beef etc… Brought a baby g watch for $4 tonight, was very happy with myself. we’re staying at a place on khao san road in bangkok, full of backpackers. khao san road featured on ‘the beach’ (the movie with leo dicaprio), its just like the movie. people everywhere, and its the low season right now!!! weather is hot and humid, but not as bad as aussie in the summer. theres not much sun, just smog, so its not peircing hot, just humid hot. tommorrow we’ll probably go to one of the palaces, looking forward to it. anyway, must run, take care everyone

xo bobbi