Fundamental Packing List

These are the items that I find important to pack on my trips (yes, this is more for my own use, but I felt others might benefit):

  • Electronics: Digital Camera, Phone, iPod & NDS, Power adapters, USB drive, with:
  1. Portable copies of firefox, gimp etc
  2. Copies of flights, visas etc
  • Guidebook (or iphone application) with language information
  • Preparation: List of local foods that I want to try and “must-see” places/”must-do” activities at my destination
  • Shoes: 2 pairs – everyday runners and dressier, short heel (but still wearable) sandals, plus the compulsory thongs if planning on staying in hostels etc
  • ‘Sleep Assistance Pack’: sleeping tablets, eye mask and ear plugs
  • Toiletries: sunscreen, moisturiser, hair elastics, mosquito repellant, shampoo/ conditioner etc
  • Usual assortment of clothing (inc bathers regardless of destination & dirty clothes bag)
  • WINTER: Themals, more socks than normal

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