Travel “Wish List” :: North America

Vegas Whenever I chat to people about their travels, I am inspired of new places to go to. “Yes, I’ve just gotten back from Croatia”, they say. ‘Oooh, Croatia is on “my list”‘, I think. “Mmm, I just spent last month in Canada”, they say. ‘Yep, Canada is definitely on “the list”‘, I think.

My mental list is getting too long. In my desire to finish uni, I’m filling it up with useless rubbish (who really needs to know about partial differential equations?!) and forgetting important things – and so I have created this page, my wish list of places to go. I’ll be adding to it as I think of new places/am inspired by others’ travels. And I’ll be updating it after I’ve been to some of these places, with my thoughts and opinions. This list is mainly for me – so I can keep tabs on where I want to go, but it’s also for others, looking for some travel inspiration. Enjoy!



  • The Grand Canyon
    Scan the canyon wall from rim to floor, and you look back through hundreds of millions of years (inspiration from my BIO textbook!)
  • Gamble in Las Vegas – DONE
    Might have been under-age (what’s with the silly 21 age rule?!), but still had a blast 🙂
  • Rollercoaster at New York New York Casino – DONE
    Weaves in and out of the casino, at great heights and speeds
  • See the Northern Lights from Alaska

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