Things I forgot to mention about Thailand

Asia ~ Thailand

Hey guys, I’m now in India, but before I start going on and on about my experiences here, I want to quickly outline a few things (mainly so I don’t forget) that I didn’t mention in my earlier posts…

The road rules – there don’t seem to be any. Just advisory lanes, advisory traffic lights, etc etc. And despite all this, I only saw one accident. Almost none of the cars had scratches either (although Tash has her own theory on this – when they crash a car they completely wipe it out, therefore all the cars on the road are new replacements). I found the easiest way to stay sane was just to close your eyes, pretend you can’t see the speedo (and pretend that 140 km/hr isn’t really that fast) and hang on! Also, all the taxi drivers had little plastic budha’s hanging from the mirrors… One even had a little disco ball.

The animals everywhere – dogs and cats, absolutley everywhere. They didn’t seem to be particularily hungry, or savage, very placid, everyone was happy to give them food. And despite the crazy driving, I didn’t see any injured animals…

I can’t think of much more right now, I’m so tired, Delhi is an exhausting city. But more about that later.

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