Shanghai Airlines Travel Hotel (Shanghai, China)

This hotels main redeeming feature is that it is extremely close to the South Railway station (about 5 mins by taxi). Prices includes breakfast and the room price is quite reasonable. There are good options for dinner nearby and the room has free broadband internet (the cable is in the drawer).

However, the beds were really hard. Really really hard. The breakfast wasn’t so good – toast wasn’t hot, there was no juice or cold water (there was hot orange tang), some of the dishes were ok, but most were just mediocre. Breakfast was served on the 8th floor, to get there, you had to take the elevator to the 7th floor, then walk a flight of steps to the 8th floor, not suitable for someone who has trouble walking. The wiring in the rooms was bad – when you sat on the bed, the lamp flickered on and off, scary! In the middle of the night, someone tried to enter our room, they had a card that worked, all that stopped them was the bar that we put across the door from our side.

Overall? It’s really close to the train station, so if you’re coming in really late/leaving really early, it’s an ok option, but the beds were hard, the wiring scary, and the overall feel of the place not too clean. Plus the incident with someone trying to break in to the room left an unpleasant feeling.

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