Bubba Gump (Manila, The Philippines)

Having never been to a Bubba Gump in the US, the experience was unique in Manila – a family restaurant setup, fully decked out with Forrest Gump merchandise, quotes, pictures etc. Prices were ok, drinks were great value and tasty, food was unique and clever, we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch here. The way to grab waiters attention is unique – a little license plate sitting on your table, flip it to “Stop Forrest Stop” to call their attention, and “Run Forrest Run” if things are okay.

The great thing about Manila is that menu’s are in English, so you’ll easily be able to decifer them. This is what we ordered and what we thought of it.
  • “I’m Stuffed!” Shrimp – large prawns, stuffed with a creamy crab mix, served on rice, 585 PHP per serve.
  • Sparklin’ Apple Cobbler – huge apple pie, delicious, 340 PHP
  • Plantation Punch – large alcoholic citrus based cocktail, 205 PHP

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