Portsea Pier Sunrise Dive

Life has been hectic, so I thought I would spend some time today trying to catch up on my Dive Videos, all the way back from March, the Sunday prior to my Epic Africa Trip!

After 2 months of diving every weekend, I was concerned that it would be some time before I would get a chance to dive in Africa (it ended up being a full 18 days 😱), so I made the most of it and managed 4 dives in one day!

The first was a rather spiritual sunrise dive with the lovely Jane, underneath the Portsea Pier (first time for me!). An easy dive, with lots to see under the pier, and magical as the sun came up above the waters.


Location: Portsea, Victoria, Australia
Water Temperature: 20°C
Average Depth: 3m
Maximum Depth: 5m

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