Blairgowrie March of the Spider Crabs

After my travels, it probably comes as no surprise that after less than 18 hours back in the country, I was underwater once again!

This video was taken mid-April at Blairgowrie and features an underwater phenomenon I was hoping I wouldn’t miss out on – the March of the Spider Crabs. At about this time every year, thousands of giant Spider Crabs march en masse towards Blairgowrie and surrounds, prior to moulting their shells. No-one really knows why they come crawling into the shallows, but it is suspected to be a case of safety in numbers, as there are many predators that take advantage of the crabs when they’re in the process of growing a new shell.

As you can imagine, visibility isn’t great, with so so many crabs stirring up the sand and muck.

Despite the chilly conditions (a shock to the system going from 30°C to 17°C 😱), it’s great to be back diving in Melbourne with fabulous buddies and in my ‘old’ stomping grounds! Rugged conditions: need to get used to hauling my own gear again – overseas it was all carried for me, even placed on my back so I didn’t need to pick it up!

Location: Blairgowrie, Victoria, Australia

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