Boarfish Reef Diving

On ANZAC day, we had plans to dive the HMAS Goorangai, a minesweeper that was used in conjunction with two others to sweep the shipping lanes approaching Port Phillip in 1940. The three vessels successfully located and destroyed forty mines over a fortnight period. Unfortunately HMAS Goorangai sank whilst doing a crossing, and lost all hands on board – the Goorangai is now a designated war grave. As the wreck is located in the shipping channel, it is only able to be dived when shipping has been halted – something that we had hoped for on ANZAC day, but alas it wasn’t to be.

Instead, we dived Boarfish Reef, a fantastic site amongst the Sponge Gardens, about halfway between Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale. On the day that we dived, it was almost an aquarium, with fab viz and curious fish almost sideswiping us as they swam around. Highlight for me was the blue devil showing off – first up in the video. And for those of my friends terrified of spiders, be sure to watch the last clip – not a great example of videography, but SPIDER! SEA SPIDER! SPIDERS exist underwater! 😱🕷😱

The other take-home from this dive for me? It is the second time I’ve dived Boarfish Reef – the first was on my Dive #4, as part of my Open Water course. My log entries for that day back in December versus the ANZAC day dive (#46!) are considerably different!

Location: Portsea, Victoria, Australia
Water Temperature: 17°C
Average Depth: 17m
Maximum Depth: 23m

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