Fly Point Diving

On Friday we headed out to Fly Point, a shore dive in Nelson Bay, led by the fabulous Jason from Let’s Go Adventures. We were blown away by the amazing creatures under the water, and a stunning shore dive amongst the corals that was almost 16 metres deep!

The highlights for me were the sharks (blind shark and wobbegong) and the fact that we had DOLPHINS diving amongst us (too quick for the video I’m afraid).

Location: Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia
Water Temperature: 19°C
Average Depth: 8.7m
Maximum Depth: 15.5m

Mushroom Reef Exploration Dive

Just before our trip to Nelson Bay, we set out clutching our new copy of Shore Dives of Victoria to explore a new dive site (or at least a new dive site to us!) – Mushroom Reef.

Around the corner from the Flinders Pier, Mushroom Reef is a marine park so the fish swimming about were inquisitive and friendly with plenty of pretty sea grasses. Sunset from the water was rather special 🌅

Despite heading out at near full tide, the dive was quite shallow (our computers struggled) but it was fun exploring somewhere new! Big plans for more exploratory dives in the future 😊

Location: Flinders, VIC, Australia
Water Temperature: 15°C
Average Depth: 1.5m
Maximum Depth: 2.2m