Royal Beach & Schnapper Point (Mornington)

Another FABULOUS weekend of diving 😀 Here is the latest video from the dives Sarah and I did on Sunday, at Mornington. Fourth time using the camera underwater (first time with the filters), starting to get the hang of it, and starting to be able to ID some of the fishies! Once again, click the HD to see in all its glory. Highlight for me was the cuttlefish, magnificent creatures. The schooling fish were pretty awesome too 👌

Dive 1 (Royal Beach) was 35 min, with a max depth of 4.5m (average of 2.7m), 21°C. Dive 2 (Schnapper Point) was 64 min, with a max depth of 7.8m (average of 5.9m), 22°C underwater.

Am loving my new life under the sea, turns out perhaps Disney was right and I WAS supposed to be a mermaid after all!


Location: Mornington, Victoria, Australia
Water Temperature: 21.5°C
Average Depth: 4.3m
Maximum Depth: 6.2m