Diving in Mauritius

For the last leg of our Epic Africa Trip, we were struggling to find reasonably priced direct flights from Madagascar to South Africa for our return flight, so when we found one with a 5 day stop over in Mauritius, we made a last minute decision to tack on one more country to our journey.

By this stage, it’s probably no great surprise to most of you that I used this opportunity to get under the water! Diving in Mauritius is an easy affair – resort operators carrying all your gear to hard shelled boats, with simple step off entries. In a first for me, the water was so warm (29C) that I managed to dive in a 3mm shortie, a bit different to the thick 7mm semi I use at home!

Highlight of the video? Watch out for the 3 green turtles I was lucky enough to play with! Last dives of the trip for me – overall I managed to get underwater 17 times, not bad!

Location: Grand Baie & Flic en Flac, Mauritius
Water Temperature: 29°C
Average Depth: 18m
Maximum Depth: 23m