Hostel The Globe Centre (Amsterdam, The Nederlands)

I stayed here in September, and the rest of the reviews on the internet about this place are right. If it’s just a bed that you want a bed, then it’s bearable. We were in a 24-bed dorm, it was us (two females) and the rest were 20 year old males, all very noisy and messy. The room was crowded (absolutely nothing like the pictures available on the internet, don’t be fooled) and messy. The sheets were hard to sleep in, they kept coming off, but I did see a cleaner changing them one morning, so I can say that they were clean. Bathrooms were bearable, definitely not “pretty,” but they did the job.

Compared to the many hostels I have stayed in, this one does not rank high, due to the factors mentioned above, but it was a bed and we never felt unsafe in the hostel. That said, I would not choose to stay here again.

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