City BackPackers Hostel (Stockholm, Sweden)

Great hostel, once you find it (our own fault, we arrived late at night and forgot to bring a map; we only had written directions). Rooms were very clean and secure (each room had its own door code). The rooms had lockers (bring your own lock), and comfortable beds. The kitchen area was good and free pasta kept the crowds happy (on more than one occasion I saw some guys tucking into a plate of plain pasta with no sauce). The free Internet was great; they had six computers available, meaning you were able to get on the computer whenever you wanted. Bathrooms were clean and plentiful (although the showers only had curtains, no lockable doors).

The only problem we had while we were there was the fact that the dryer wasn’t working, so we couldn’t do any washing. Overall a great place to stay, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it.

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