Tetsunabe Gyoza Restaurant (Fukuoka, Japan)

Well known in Fukuoka as the best gyoza restaurant in the area, this family owned and run restaurant serves the best dumplings I’ve ever eaten. Walk in, and you will be asked “How many people”. Indicate with your fingers how many people you have in your party and you’ll be lead to a table. Not much English is spoken here, but the staff knew to point to the picture of gyoza on the menu, there are plenty of other dining options too. If you order gyoza, you will be provided with a small dish to mix your own gyoza sauce – there is a squirty bottle of standard dumpling sauce, a small bottle of chili oil, a small dish of yuzu paste and a small dish of chili paste. Mix up your desired sauce, tasting as you go. I highly recomend the yuzu (an Asian sour citrus fruit) sauce, it adds an extra omph! to the meal.

The menu here is all in Japanese, but the staff here know what you’ve come for, so it’s not too difficult. The number one dish here is the gyoza (a small moon shaped fried Chinese dumpling), but there are plenty of other options too. The following are some of the dishes I remember.
  • ぎょうざ (Gyoza) – these small fried dumplings are amazing. Come as a serve of 8, the staff recommend two serves per person if you’re not getting anything else, 470 JPY per serve.
  • ポテトサラダ (Potato Salad) – one of the other main dishes, 520 JPY
  • 手羽先の煮 (Chicken Wings) – another popular dish, 310 JPY per piece
  • 令やしトマト (Cold Tomato) – a delicious dish of cold, slightly salted tomato and cabbage
  • おきゅうと
  • もろきゅう

4 thoughts on “Tetsunabe Gyoza Restaurant (Fukuoka, Japan)

  1. Hello!
    Thank you for the review! I heard that’s the nicest restaurant where to get gyoza!!!
    I’m going to be in Fukuoka with my husband next month, can’t wait to be there!!!

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